MDIA590, Fall 2020

AI + Democracy – Fall 2020

Prof. Anita Say Chan,
Classtime: Wednesdays 1-3:50PM, Meets Online via Zoom

Office Hours: by online appointment

photo credit: Randy Colas on Uplas

photo credit: Randy Colas on Uplas

Course Description:
In a world increasingly suffused with corporatized and militarized “big data” practices and extractive and often exploitative artificial intelligence (AI) systems, how might we reimagine data practices and pedagogies that are aligned with democratic values, processes and institutions? Drawing from interdisciplinary scholarship in data and AI studies, science and technology studies, feminist and critical race studies, and information and media studies, this course interrogates the development of AI in global contexts to consider how we might decenter data methods and AI infrastructures that privilege corporate or technology-centric interests, and center instead the concerns and needs of vulnerable populations and communities in defense of democracy. This course meets with IS 596 (AI) Course and will have synchronous (live) meeting times.