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Dear All,

Thank you *Jeff* for that wonderful exposition. I could literally feel your energy through the keyboard! You literally defied email!! ;]

Thank you too for the feedback on the Clinic, its work, and the blog idea. We’d LOVE to have you come into the Clinic once we are able to share space on the campus again (apparently, the admin is saying not likely as a scenario until 2022-23). My apologies for the slow reply. I just got out of a lecture for the Innovation Illinois class that Adrian’s leading this semster on the BSA, Project 500 and how student-generated research can actually be part of larger structural transformations – and can be a complement to marches, protests, etc… as we saw in the case of Civil Rights, Desegregation and Project 500/SEOP on this campus. So my message to the class’ students was – as you said, Jeff – to provide a bridge between the present and past – and to show students how their research, writing, and the sheer act of making arguments on paper (or online) can do more work than they sometimes imagine.

You’re also right, Jeff, that our team loves LOVES LOVES the active projects you are all a part of – in Maine, in Illinois, in Champaign and beyond — and we would love to have a space to platform and thread through what your civic work or research look like today as some of UIUC’s most dedicated and socially committed alum.

So however we can, we would LOVE to continue to think through with this group how we can help support thinking, work, research, or just communication among and between this network. Whether it’s a blog, or another kind of activity.
We miss you all! Jeff, we hope your brother is doing ok in Atlanta.

And if folks still think another meeting might be useful, Mitch will reach out to suggest another date sometime in early November… I know I will value being able to see everyone on this thread when November does come around!!
Sending hearty hugs and abrazxs to the group!! xxoox!